Herbal-H Spray
Herbal-H Spray
Herbal-H Spray
Herbal-H Spray
Herbal-H Spray

Herbal-H Spray

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BUY 2 ( 6 Months Treatment) SAVE 6%
BUY 4 (12 Months Treatment) SAVE 10%
Each Box Contains 3 60 ML Spray Bottles ( 3 Month Treatment)
Our Advanced Hair Growth formula offers a great combination of Science and Nature with lasting results. And, ZERO Side effects.
Contents : FDA Approved Drug Minoxidil (3%)Purified Water, Alcohol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, TriEthanolaminE, Butylene Glycol, Polygonum Multiform Extract, Chinese Angelica Extract, Malma, Saw Palmetto
The ONLY Hair Spray To Regrow Your Hair!
- Easy to Apply
- Grows Stronger and Thicker Hair in Thinning Areas
- Revives Inoperative Hair Follicles
- Dissolves Sebum of Sebaceous Gland
- Cleans Dirty Deposits
- Treats Premature Graying Of Hair
- Eliminates Dandruff
- Provides Nutrition To Your Scalp
- Enlarges Sweat Gland & Hair Follicle Mechanism
- Safe To Use
- ZERO Side Effects
- No Prescription Required
- No Toxic Chemicals
- 90 Day Money Back Guarantee