Safe Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Growth Spray with No Side Effects

There has never been any case of allergic reactions or side effects to the minoxidil that is used in the Herbal-H formulation which is why it is 100% safe to use!

Some patients reported an itching sensation when using Herbal-H spray. This sensation is common due to the rapid permeation of angelica and the new born hair which occurs after 30 days of use. Patients with sensitive skin might experience itching sensation early within the treatment.

With Herbal-H spray, you safely regrow your hair without the need for a medical prescription. Products which contain drugs and chemicals like Finastride usually require you to consult a doctor prior to use.

Plant products used in Herbal-H are pure and contain no toxins or side effects. Its safety has been tested by human tryout examination.

Before trying any solution to regrow your hair, it is a must for one to try a highly effective, 100% safe and non-toxic formula such as Herbal-H hair regrowth spray.

Safe with Herbal-H

Hair growth solutions are always accompanied by safety issuesand often the possibilities of side effects which is why some hair growth companies require consulting with a doctor prior to use.

With Herbal-H, you do not need a prescription,nor are you required to consult a doctor to regrow your hair!

Doctor Approved

The Herbal-H formula has been officially authenticated & approved by the National Sanitation Department. It's potent and highly effective herbal ingredients make Herbal-H the safest most effective hair regrowth formula in the world.

It consists of plant products which are pure and non-toxic and its safety has been proven by human tryout examinations. Moreover, Herbal-H is applied externally in forms of a spray and since the formula is not induced or taken orally, it is100% safe to use for men of all ages.

There is no defined age restriction for use of Herbal-H; however younger males should consult a doctor to determine the cause of the hair loss and also to ensure that their hair loss problem is not caused by a disease or medication.

Herbal-H is mostly effective in treating alopecia & Male Pattern Baldness. Learn more about the Herbal-H treatment.

There has been stiff experimentation to test the safety of Herbal-H and it was proven to have no side effectsduring or after use. The Herbal-H formula is extracted from purely natural herbs; it does not contain any hormones and if used correctly, will not affect other body hairs. Test results also showed no adverse reactions on all men tested and according to Cosmetics Sanitation Norms, if applied externally to the scalp the Herbal-H formula would not cause side effects on humans.

Considering most hair growth products contain drugs like Finastride. A toxic free and safe to useproduct should be the only treatment employed.Use Herbal-H, the safest hair growth solution worldwide!

Herbal-Hcures hair lossthrough an advanced trans-dermal technique. When you are in the sunlight, the permeation capability of your skin will be enhanced, and the powerful herbal ingredients will be absorbed more easily. But be cautious not to get sunburn, because the insulation will damage your skin, as well as change the effective ingredients of the product.